Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving and Settling In

Well, the idea is that I would blog at least every other day, but it has been a busy busy week. So....I'm gonna catch up and  attempt to do a better job. We are finally starting to settle in to life in Atlanta. Our house has started to come together. It's starting to feel more like "home." We're getting a better handle on what our responsibilities are at Rescue Atlanta. We are seeing more and more every day the purpose for us being here and I personally am learning a lot as I learn to depend on God for the smallest things and give everything over to Him on a daily basis. The pictures are of a typical breakfast meal at Rescue Atlanta, and the second is from our Thanksgiving meal.

Glenn and I are making it a point to start and end our day with a devotional together. I realize we are still newlyweds, but in what could be a stressful situation, new job, new move, etc.......we are remaining strong. I attribute this to staying grounded in Christ. This definitely is a job and ministry that I love, although the brokenness we deal with on a daily basis is unlike most 9-5 jobs. Just this week, I met a 16 year old girl who I believe may be sleeping in an abandoned house. As Glenn and I were talking during the breakfast time this Sunday, I saw two men throw punches over his shoulder and we had to take care of that. I prayed with a woman this week who had tried to commit suicide and who was concerned about her 16 year old daughter who had OD'd and was in the hospital but has had no contact with her. Working with people in devastating situations reminds me daily of how blessed I am.  I was reading my bible this morning while eating breakfast and just started to list off all the things I have to be thankful for and have decided to START my day like that everyday.

I was blessed to have my mom with us for Thanksgiving and loved that she and my friend Jill were able to experience a Sunday morning at Rescue Atlanta. Our home is ALWAYS open to our family and friends and we invite each of you to come visit and worship with us.

Here are a few prayer requests this week:
1. For continued open doors in seeking out partnerships with Rescue Atlanta.
2. For favor in grants as we start to apply.
3. For protection.
4. For discernment.
5. For financial provision as we are nearing the end of our support money and need to make it a little longer before Rescue Atlanta can pay us.
6. That we will trust God's plan as we know our current landlord is trying to short sell our house we are renting. We knew it was a possibility but came much sooner than we anticipated. So far they've only shown it once, but it's hard to really plant roots, when it feels like we may be uprooted at any moment. But we know God has a place prepared should that happen.

We love you all and pray that you are reminded daily of God's goodness.
We all have so much to be thankful for.

For His Renown,

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bird and Da' Word!

Yesterday was "Bird and Da' Word" at Rescue Atlanta. Every Wednesday they serve Breakfast and Lunch and have about an hour long bible study. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving they typically give the people in attendance a turkey for Thanksgiving along with their regular food bag. Well this week as of Monday, they didn't have the money for the Turkeys and by Tuesday someone had called and said they wanted to buy all of the Turkeys. Just another example of how God is ALWAYS on time.  There is usually about 100 people in attendance each Wednesday, but yesterday....there were 200! There was a mix up with the team that was supposed to come in and cook Breakfast and Lunch for this Mass crowd, so Katie, Glenn, and I put our heads together and came up with a meal for them. Glenn oversaw the operation of the kitchen, and I rolled silverware, refilled sugar containers, and walked around and smiled and introduced myself to  lots of people.  I snuck up to the sound booth to take a picture, and unfortunately I couldn't capture the entire room. But it is always amazing to get see a room full of people praising and singing out.  Pastor Mel ended the service by playing a video of Kirk Franklin's song "Smile". People were singing out, dancing. You honestly couldn't help but smile.  We were exhausted by the end of the day, but when you're doing what God has called you to do, you don't mind. I left Glenn at home last night to rest and ice his knees, and I went with Pastor Katie to speak at a church about 45 minutes away. It was awesome to meet people who love the ministry of Rescue Atlanta and serve through their local church. And it was also nice to hang out with a new friend and sister, grabbing a  late night dinner at Chili's, and swapping testimonies. I'm thankful for every moment here in Atlanta serving with Rescue Atlanta. I wish that everyone would come and get a taste of whats happening here because these posts and pictures can't do it justice.

For His Renown,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

Well here is the official beginning of the Paddock Family. We were so blessed to have some great friends taking pictures for us. We have some extremely talented photographer friends. Here are a few shots captured from our special day. I have never felt more beautiful, adored, or loved. My face actually hurt from smiling. I will never forget the amount of peace I felt as I walked down the aisle and approached my groom with tears of joy streaming down his face. We had a very meaningful ceremony. Everything from our wedding party who was all very special to us to the beautiful weather. At the end of the service we had all of the people who had a spiritual influence in our lives pray over us and send us out with a blessing. Everything about the day was special. We are so thankful that God allowed our paths to cross last Thanksgiving when I volunteered at the mission and a friendship was formed. I am thankful for God's divine plan and perfect timing. I could not imagine a better life partner and friend with whom I can embrace every hurdle and blessing each day. I know that we both are so excited about the path God has laid before us and this blog is just a place where you can get a glimpse into a "A Day in the Life of the Paddocks!"

For His Renown,
Morgan Paddock

Stay Tuned

We are so excited to have a place where we can share our new journey as newlyweds, in a new city, with new jobs.....stay tuned. More to come! ~ Morgan